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Author: Justina Bonilla

A film enthusiast, with a passion for classic, musical, cult, and horror films. Justina is also a freelance writer and blogger.
Frida After Dark
Film Criticism

Frida After Dark: October 2019

To honor our favorite holiday of the year, Halloween, Frida After Dark is presenting films filled with tricks and treats. Along with our monthly staple The Room, we have as a very special treat of not one, but two electrifying K.A.O.S. shadow cast performances of the most fun you’ll ever have in a theater, The Rocky Horror Picture Show! Not to mention all of the tricks in our cult and foreign horror films that will make you up and scream. Celebrate Halloween all month long with us!

Film Criticism

Hispanic Heritage in Film: Spain’s Art House Directors

Pedro Almodóvar, Victor Erice, and Luis Buñuel are all critical to the evolution of Spanish art house cinema due to the artistic and political significance of their films.

Maverick Directors
Film Criticism

Hispanic Heritage in Film: Maverick Directors

America has historically been a major trailblazer to technical and artistic innovations in film. While Hispanics/Latinos had some on-camera representation during the Golden Age of Hollywood, their opportunities behind the camera were minimal; Only a few names are known today: Gabriel Figueroa (The Fugitive and Night of the Iguana), special/visual effects artist and stop motion pioneer Marcel Delgado (King Kong, The Wizard of Oz, and Mary Poppins), and assistant director Francisco Day (The Ten Commandments, Samson and Delilah).

Mexico's Golden Three
Film Criticism

Hispanic Heritage in Film: Mexico’s Golden Three

Since then, five out of the six wins for Best Director have been Mexican born directors—two wins each for Cuarón and Alejandro Gonzalez Iñárritu, and one for Guillermo Del Toro.

Film Criticism

Hispanic Heritage in Film: Pioneering Actors

Names like Ramon Navarro, Lupe Vélez, Anthony Quinn, and Rita Hayworth were immortalized on Hollywood sidewalks. Along with these stars rose three multi-talented actors whose impact would heavily influence film and American pop culture.

The Wicker Man

The Frida’s Top Folk Horror Picks

The Frida Cinema’s writing team share their favorite Folk Horror film, in anticipation of our Horrors of Malformed Men screening.

Film Criticism

12 Things you Didn’t Know about “Weird Al” Yankovic

Don’t miss your chance to see the 30th Anniversary screening of UHF at The Frida Cinema!

Film Criticism

CatVideoFest 2019: Top 10 Cat Movies to Watch

Meow! CatVideoFest 2019 is creeping up fast this April. As if that alone weren’t enough feline psychosis for one month, here’s a litter of cat-centric films guaranteed to amp up that nepetalactone high just a little more…