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Pink Flamingos: OC LGBT Pride Kick Off Screening, Presented by OC Weekly

Kick off this year’s Orange County LGBT Pride with a special screening of John Water’s legendary (and notorious) 1972 classic Pink Flamingos, presented by OC Weekly!

An infamous celluloid counter-culture explosion, Pink Flamingos stars regular John Waters collaborator and legendary drag queen Divine as an exaggerated version of outrageous self – in this case, a trash-talking hedonist who fancies herself “the filthiest person alive,” living  in a motor home with her mad hippie son Crackers, her infantile mother Edie who spends her days gorging on eggs in a giant crib, and her “travelling companion” Cotton.  When Baltimore locals Connie and Raymond Marble – “two jealous perverts” who sell heroin to schoolchildren and kidnap and impregnate female hitchhikers – decide that they themselves are “the filthiest people alive,” this sets of an epic battle of wills that culminates in a shocking climax – that’s followed by an even more shocking, and altogether infamous, final scene.

Not that everything that comes beforehand is a cakewalk.  An epic of unforgettably boundary-pushing visuals, unbelievable “is this really happening” sex scenes, and a singing…body part… – to name just a few of the film’s treats for midnight movie sickos – Pink Flamingos is simultaneously a celebration of identity, chosen family, and unabashed freedom of expression, highlighted by a wonderful screenplay by Waters that balances absurdity with his signature razor-sharp wit.  Co-starring fellow Waters collaborators Mink Stole, David Lochary, Mary Vivian Pearce, Cookie Mueller, and a scene-stealing Edith Massey, Pink Flamingos is one of the most disgusting and perversely hilarious indies ever made.  

Can’t make it to OC Weekly’s screening?  We’ll have an Encore Screening at 11:55pm the following night, Saturday June 22nd, after OC Pride!  

NOTE: Pink Flamingos is rated NC-17.  
No children under 17 admitted, period.