Volunteer of the Month Sydney Dayan on Twilight


Yet it’s a movie we’re playing next week that YA fiction fans and glitter enthusiasts are ready to sink their teeth into: Twilight, the beloved vampire romance from Thirteen director Catherine Hardwicke!

Volunteer of the Month Sam Feldstein on The Assassination of Jesse James by The Coward Robert Ford

The Assassination of Jesse James Brad Pitt

Released a little over 10 years ago, it’s perhaps fitting that we’re screening Andrew Dominik’s The Assassination of Jesse James by the Coward Robert Ford as we enter the new decade. An epic drama that puts a revisionist spin on the classic Western legend, the film garnered praise for its cinematography and performances by Brad Pitt and Casey Affleck but underperformed at the box office.

Volunteer of the Month Paul Hernandez on Paprika

The last feature film to be made by the anime innovator before his death, it’s as thought-provoking as it is mind-bending, with many citing its heady sci-fi story as an antecedent (or, as others contend, an uncredited inspiration) for Christopher Nolan’s Inception.

Volunteer of the Month Daniela Anguiano on “Hairspray”

Daniella A

“John Waters’ quotes are ridiculously over the top and constantly referenced amongst my family. Any quote that includes any mention of roaches are my absolute favorite. This includes Amber’s endless “That girl’s got roaches in her hair” or “Tracy Turnblad is a human roach nest” throughout the film. Another favorite line is when Penny and Edna are watching Tracy’s debut on the Corny Collins Show and Penny yells to the TV “Hi Tracy! It’s me, Penny!” Edna just looks at Penny and tells her “She can’t hear you!?” It’s absurd but makes me laugh every time.

Frailty: Faith or Fanaticism?

Frailty: Otis the Axe

The Frida Cinema’s Volunteer Pick for July: Bill Paxton’s FRAILTY! A film Stephen King called “unique, thought-provoking, edge-of-the seat entertainment.”

Volunteer Spotlight: Keefer Blakeslee

Keefer Blakeslee

Hey guys! This is a new blog series that we are calling Volunteer Spotlight, spearheaded and written by our awesome volunteer Kat Sotoodeh! Kat will be interviewing the brilliant and committed volunteers who donate their time to our non-profit, providing you Frida fans an opportunity to learn more about the familiar faces that greet you when you pay us a visit!