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Author: Nicole Nguyen

Nicole M. Nguyen is a disabled writer, screenwriter, and scholar from Westminster, CA. She is particularly interested in literary adaptations and representations of disability in cinema.

A Disabled Lens on Julian Schnabel’s The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Frida Assistant Content Editor Nicole Nguyen analyzes the portrayal of disability in The Diving Bell and the Butterfly

Featured / Highlight

A Disabled Lens on Ari Aster’s Hereditary

Frida writing team member Nicole Nguyen takes a look at Hereditary and its portrayal of disability.

Film Criticism

Vampires Are Supposed to Be Sexy!

Frida writing team member Nicole Nguyen examines the history of “sexy” vampires in film and literature.


30 Years of Paris Is Burning

Today, Paris remains one of the most valuable and illuminating pieces of LGBTQ-focused media that exists.

Film Criticism

40 Years of The Shining

Stanley Kubrick’s The Shining turns forty this year! And what a year it’s been. To be clear, that wasn’t an awkward attempt to shoehorn a …

Film Criticism

“Stormy Weather,” Indeed

It hardly bears saying that Hollywood has historically had a problem with diverse representation on the silver screen, especially with regard to Black artists. The recent push for better media representation, while pressing, is not new.

Film Criticism

Growing Up: Ten Coming-of-Age Films

At some point, the end of August and the advent of September no longer holds much relevance for us. We grow beyond the back-to-school nerves and/or excitement. However, whether it’s nostalgia or relief that that period of your life is over, the memories of simultaneous endings and beginnings still linger.

Film Criticism

“I Am No Gentleman”: Five Pre-Code Films

When it comes to classical Hollywood films (“old” films, if you will), we might have a tendency to think of them as proper or even chaste, at least compared to today’s films. However, this is not necessarily the case.

Film Criticism

Code of Silence: Rififi and the Red Scare

Jules Dassin’s 1955 film noir Rififi had been on my watchlist for a long time, and when The Frida offered it to stream, I finally seized the opportunity to check it off.