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Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon is a fantasy-adventure film directed by Ana Lily Amirpour, with a cast that boasts Jeon Jong-Seo, Kate Hudson, and Craig Robinson.

Mona Lisa Lee (Jeon Jong-Seo), escapes from an asylum and the strange abilities that she possesses prove to be dangerous. Newly free, Mona does her best to thrive in the disorderly streets of New Orleans. In the course of trying to make it on her own, she crosses paths with Officer Harold (Craig Robinson) and soft-hearted stripper Bonnie (Kate Hudson).

Since its premiere at the Venice Film Festival in 2021, Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon has received recognition for its thrilling usage of Italian techno and heavy metal on its soundtrack. The film won Best Original Music at the Catalonian International Film Festival in 2021 and Best Film Score at the Gerardmer Film Festival in 2022.

After the 7:30 screening on Saturday, October 1st, stick around for an in-person Q&A with director Ana Lily Amirpour!

Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon is a wonderfully strange take on New Orleans horror.” – Jojo Ajisafe, London Evening Standard

“In a sense this is Amirpour's most honest film. Unlike her previous ones, which struck a faux somber tone, this wears its neon, fun-loving heart on its sleeve.” – Sophie Monks Kaufman, Little White Lies

“With its hyper-saturated mood, hypnotic music and highly stylized cinematography, Mona Lisa and the Blood Moon will surely thrill the director's existing fans and convert new ones.” – Lovia Gyarkye, Hollywood Reporter

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Get to the choppa and fly on over for Predator, screening in honor of its 35th anniversary!

Originally tasked with extracting a foreign minister from the clutches of insurgents in the dense jungles of Central America, a troop of paramilitary soldiers—the best of the best—quickly discover that something isn't right, even beyond the dubious reasons for their very mission. After coming across the gruesome remains of Green Berets, the troop's righteous outrage takes them to the camp of the Spanish-speaking rebels. After annihilating everyone at the camp but one, they find they are still under attack…yet they cannot find the enemy. It doesn't take long for them to realize that this silent threat, one that camouflages inconspicuously among the fauna, does not belong to the rebels. Or even the human race.

Spawning a series of subsequent media from movie sequels to video games, Predator is a staple of the '80s action genre with a fresh sci-fi twist.

“'Predator' begins like 'Rambo' and ends like 'Alien,' [...] and that's creativity.” Roger Ebert

Predator has gradually become a sci-fi and action classic. It's not difficult to see why. John McTiernan's direction is claustrophobic, fluid and assured, staging the action with aplomb but concentrating just as much on tension and atmosphere.”– Chris Hewitt, Empire

It's often imitated, but no one has replicated the near perfection of Predator. A supreme sense of terror, fun characters, an identifiable creature, and some of the best one-liners all make for one of McTiernan's inimitable classics.” – Lukas Spathis, Voices from the Balcony

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Join See It On 16mm as they present an exclusive October warmup screening of a secret spooky movie! We're not announcing the title, but we promise it's a rare 16mm print of something very special! All we can say is: fans of 70s horror will not be disappointed.

As always, See It On 16mm will have a fun preshow all threaded up for your enjoyment. There's nothing like the communal experience of gathering together with other scary movie fans, hearing the reels of film spinning, and enjoying something truly creepy. Let's get ready for the Halloween season together!

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