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Isolation Films to See During Quarantine Part 1: Isolated in Creepy Places

For this 3-part blog series, we’ll be examining films which fall under three main themes of isolation: isolated in creepy places, isolated in the outside world, and isolated with yourself or others. Part one will look at locations that are commonly used for isolation themed films, eerie places which add to the of fear and tension of isolation, even if isolated with others. Enjoy! […]

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WHAT IS NEXT? – Reflections of the Film Industry

I wish I could tell you all that this will be over tomorrow, but the reality is that these are uncertain times we are living in, and to be quite frank, I am very antsy to see in which direction the film industry will shift and how movie theaters will follow. In the current state of the world, films are having a digital platform release, ditching any theatrical releases as many theaters have been requested to shut doors due to the current pandemic. […]

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Cinema Classics: North By Northwest

Given the title “The Master Of Suspense” by major media outlets, Hitchcock had a knack for creating thrilling scenes in his films through impactful visuals. While North By Northwest is filled with many of these suspenseful scenes, the film also has several comedic moments, making it one of the first mainstream movies to successfully blend genres. In other words, Hitchcock’s film is as amusing and heartfelt as it is suspenseful. […]

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10 Movies Filmed in Orange County

Since the silent film era, Orange County has been used to film a variety of movies from Beaches to Iron Man. With so many movies filmed in our beloved Orange County, I picked ten movies that represent the diversity of the OC from the beaches of Dana Point, to the small town feel of Old Town Orange. […]

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Memories of Camp Frida

Camp Frida: I had begun an internship for the theater in July. By the time October rolled around, the event was coming up and it was looking like we would be short-handed with volunteers. Logan, The Frida’s founder, had kindly asked me if I would like to sign up for the night shift, 3am-9am. With nothing else better to do, and a desire to help out, I accepted. […]

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