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Max von Sydow

Max Von Sydow

Cast in The Seventh Seal early in his career, the film would be the first first of many collaborations between von Sydow and Bergman. Playing a knight in plague-ridden medieval Sweden, von Sydow waxes philosophical with Death over a game of chess in hope of hindering the plague’s advance. Ironically, eight years later von Sydow would be cast as Jesus Christ in The Greatest Story Ever Told and later yet would star in his most iconic role as The Exorcist’s Father Merrin. […]

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Serious Movies for Serious Men: The 4 Most Underrated Coen Brothers Films

A Serious Man

He has risen! After some 20 years of rumors and false starts, Jesus Quintana, the unofficial breakout star of The Big Lebowski, has finally got a movie of his own! As much a remake of the French dramedy Going Places as it is a Big Lebowski spin-off, The Jesus Rolls sees John Turturro not only step back into the infamous purple bowling gear but into the director’s chair as well. […]

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