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Come and See

Come and See

Experience the horrors of warfare in Come and See, a visceral depiction of World War II’s Eastern front from Elem Klimov.

Based on the novel I Am from the Fiery Village, the movie is set in present-day Belarus just as Nazi Germany invades the Soviet Union. As German forces overrun the country, teenage Flyora ignores his parents’ wishes and joins the Soviet resistance. Rather than the adventure and glory he envisioned however, what he finds is a waking nightmare of unimaginable carnage and cruelty.

Brought to disturbing life by its subjective camerawork and expressionistic sound design, Come and See is a major milestone in Soviet cinema.

“A disorienting and undifferentiated amalgam of almost lyrical poeticism and expressionist nightmare.” – Wally Hammond, Time Out

“Perhaps the most terrifying, nightmarish film anyone has ever made about war.” – Ken Hanke, Mountain Xpress

“I have rarely seen a film more ruthless in its depiction of human evil.” – Roger Ebert, Chicago Sun-Times