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Get swept up in the elegiac and breathtaking visual poetry of Andrei Tarkovsky’s Mirror, the first entry in our Soviet September series.

In an unconventional structure, Mirror depicts the final moments of 40 year old Alexei as he reminisces on his childhood, family, and relationships before dying. Making use of existing newsreels and original footage shot for the film, Andrei Tarkovsky overlaps scenes and incidents into a stream-of-consciousness rhythm of fiction and non-fiction. This personal depiction of memory will take Alexei through the halls of his mind, and half a century of Russian history. 

Spare in its narrative, Mirror is sure to astound with its trademark Tarkovskian patience and curiosity about the intangibles of life.

The Frida Cinema is proud to partner with our friends at South East European Film Festival (SEEFest) to present Soviet September, a series of nine acclaimed films representing six decades of cinema from the former Soviet Union (1922 – 1991).


“Whatever happens, I must make Mirror – that is… a duty… I think constantly about Mirror. It could make a beautiful picture. It will actually be an instance of a film based in its entirety on personal experience. And for that reason, I’m convinced, it will be important to those who see it.” – Andrei Tarkovsky

“No tidy resolutions, no easy steps from here to there. But what Mirror lacks in simple logic it makes up for in satisfying emotions.”  – Mark Chalon Smith, The Los Angeles Times

“What grounds Mirror and renders it accessible is the earthy simplicity and indelible imagery of Georgy Rerberg’s cinematography. Even the most surreal visuals in the film—a woman levitating, a bottle rolling by itself onto the ground—possess an almost overwhelmingly tactile sensuousness.”  – Bud Wilkins, Slant Magazine