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Paprika poster

Satoshi Kon’s mind-bending anime Paprika returns, courtesy of November’s amazing Volunteer of the Month Paul Hernandez!

A surreal story from the visionary behind Perfect Blue, the movie is about a female therapist whose colleagues are working on a machine that allows them to enter their patients’ dreams. When the device is stolen however, suspicion falls on one of the group’s members and the team attempts to retrieve it. As they delve deeper into the matter, the stakes turn out to be far higher than they initially thought and it falls to Atsuko to stop everyone’s dreams from turning into nightmares.

The last feature film produced by Kon before his untimely death, Paprika is a stunning genre-bender often ranked in the same iconic class of anime as Akira and Spirited Away.

“Paprika fills me with such overwhelming enthusiasm as to leave me gibbering.” – Tim Brayton, Antagony & Ecstasy

“Yes, Paprika is a masterpiece. The animation medium lends itself so perfectly to dream capers that it’s no wonder Kon’s final film is regarded a perfect marriage of form and subject.” – Scott Clark, Starburst 

“Paprika has the curious effect of making you feel strangely happy afterwards, as if some internal load you hadn’t even realized you were carrying is suddenly lifted. It sings. Go see it, even if it’s not your birthday, you might feel like it is.” – Dorothy Woodend, The Tyee