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Stop Making Sense Dance Party!

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Stop Making Sense Dance Party!

Stop Making Sense Dance Party!

Our monthly dance party screenings of the 4K restoration of Jonathan Demme's 1984 masterpiece of sight and sound, Stop Making Sense are continuing to roll! Make sure to show up early at 7:30PM as our friends at Resident Vinyl spin some music and sell some records before the show!

A concert film documenting Talking Heads at the height of their popularity, on tour for their 1983 album "Speaking in Tongues." The band takes the stage one by one and is joined by a cadre of guest musicians for a career-spanning and cinematic performance that features creative choreography and visuals.

Featuring masterful performances by David Byrne and photography by Jordan Cronenweth (Blade Runner), Stop Making Sense is the concert experience at its most colorful and life-affirming.

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 88
  • Genre Concert

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Friday, April 26th