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Author: Anthony McKelroy

Anthony McKelroy is a producer and co-host of ‘Scene Selections: A Frida Cinema Podcast’. He enjoys musicals, biopics, and musical biopics, but not necessarily in that order. Argue with him on Letterboxd at:
Stanford Prison Experiment Guards
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The Stanford Prison Experiment: Lock Up

Frida writing team member Anthony McKelroy explores what The Stanford Prison Experiment tells us about the real-life experiment as well as institutions like prison and

CineMoms: 10 Films of Motherhood

Keep the spirit of Mother's Day alive with these films that feature or explore themes of motherhood!

Selena – La Rosa Blanca

"The unfilmable novel of Selena Quintanilla-Pérez's life was first attempted in Gregory Nava's sprawling, cradle-to-grave biographical drama Selena (1997)."
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Kajillionaire – Family Jewels

With all the radiance of a California sun, the splendiferous treasures held within Miranda July’s latest feature film Kajillionaire, flare and rage against the menacing
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Writer’s Room Survey: Rocky Horror Picture Show

For 45 years and counting, The Rocky Horror Picture Show has existed as a load-bearing cultural object of fringe, arthouse weirdness just outside of the
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Scene Selections Episode 1: David Lynch – America’s Weatherman

The Frida Cinema is proud to present the first episode of Scene Selections, our first podcast about all things cinema. Hosts Anthony McKelroy & Miquela
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Twenty Years Of Sparkle Motion with Jolene Purdy

Richard Kelly’s new millennium psychological thriller Donnie Darko (2001) celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. We sat down with film and television actress Jolene Purdy

Return Again: The Directing Style of Bruce Lee

This Friday, January, 29th, in collaboration with Ghost Party, The Frida Cinema will be celebrating the Life of Bruce Lee with a Fiftieth Anniversary double-feature
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Writer’s Room: 2020 In Review

In an unprecedented year for movie watching, we ask our Frida writers how they got through 2020 without movie theaters, and what they’re looking forward
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Sound Of Metal: Tin Man Needs A Heart

A deep dive into the 2020 film "Sound Of Metal," and its implications for the deaf and disabled communities in the future of filmmaking.
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The Writer’s Room: Halloween or Horror Movie?

The Writer's Room at The Frida weigh in on all things Horror, Halloween, and film.

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The Barry Keoghan Trilogy

Discover up and coming actor Barry Keoghan with a look at three of his roles in '71, The Killing of a Sacred Deer, and American