Don’t Say Money: 12 Heist Films

In the spirit of our Michael Mannuary series, Frida writing team member Anthony McKelroy takes a look at 12 heist movies across film history.

The Writer’s Room: Criterion Sale Picks

The writers of The Frida Cinema share their recommendations for the Barnes and Noble Criterion Collection sale, streaming selections on the Criterion channel, and which movies they’d like to see in the collection.

Frida After Dark: July 2021

Frida After Dark

Frida writing team member Isa Bulnes-Shaw gives readers the scoop on July’s Frida After Dark line-up, which also doubles as our Verhoeven Month series!

Top 10 Cinematic Uses of the Color Green, with This Cinematic Life

It’s St. Patrick’s Day 2021! Playing it safe rather than hitting the bars, This Cinematic Life’s Craig Duffy and ‘Becca’lise Deveaux join The Frida Cinema’s Logan Crow for a celebration of everyone’s favorite March 17th hue, as we count of our Top 10 Cinematic Uses of the Color Green!

Top 10 Streaming Films for the Whole Family!

Craig and ‘Becca’Lise have been spending plenty of time with their young daughter these days, so they’ll discussing their Top 10 Streaming Films to Watch with the Whole Family, as well as catching us up on their various projects in celebration of the films they love!