Frida After Dark: June 2021

Frida After Dark

Frida writing team member Isa Bulnes-Shaw gives readers a sneak peek at Pride Month’s Frida After Dark line-up.

AAPI Heritage Month: Oscar Pioneers

Frida writing team member Justina Bonilla lists the various Asian American and Pacific Islander talents to be awarded and nominated throughout Oscar history.

Writer’s Room: 2020 In Review

In an unprecedented year for movie watching, we ask our Frida writers how they got through 2020 without movie theaters, and what they’re looking forward to in the new year.

10 Horror Essentials From 1980

1980 was an amazing year for groundbreaking and entertaining horror films. In honor of the 40th anniversary of the Frida drive-in screening of The Shining, on November 27th, we highlight ten horror films every film fan should see.

Frida Mixtapes: 5 Indigenous Films

As we go into a holiday celebrating the history of America, it is important to understand the other, less glamorous, perspectives. This list compiles some of the best Indigenous films, that are often largely unseen.

Best Dysfunctional Family Movies

The holiday season is the time for dysfunctional family gatherings. Here’s a list of 4 of the best Dysfunctional Family movies.

Top 7 Films I Discovered in Film Class

CSUF Intern Bradley Burke takes a look back at seven of the films he discovered in film school, and which served to develop his passion for the art of cinema.

Growing Up: Ten Coming-of-Age Films

At some point, the end of August and the advent of September no longer holds much relevance for us. We grow beyond the back-to-school nerves and/or excitement. However, whether it’s nostalgia or relief that that period of your life is over, the memories of simultaneous endings and beginnings still linger.

Best Spoof Movies

Movie lovers usually just want to enjoy their typical western, space adventure, or disaster movie. Sometimes, however, viewers might want to cut these grand stories down to size in ludicrous and sometimes offensive spoof movies.