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The Outwaters

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The Outwaters

The Outwaters

Note: Writer/Director/Producer Robbie Banfitch will be joining us for an in-person Q&A at the conclusion of the March 31st 10:00PM screening!

Experience found footage rendered Lovecraftian in Robbie Banfitch's revolutionary new horror film The Outwaters!

The film is presented via three memory cards from a camera belonging to a group of friends who disappeared in the Mojave desert in 2017 while attempting to shoot a music video. The camera belonged to a man named Robbie (played by Banfitch), who captures the trip from the beginning to its unexpectedly dire end. The footage is presented in its entirety, including the incomprehensible horrors that awaited them.

Produced at the cost of $15,000, The Outwaters uses paralyzingly striking sound design and nightmarish imagery to craft a brand new found-footage experience that genuinely challenges the senses.

  • Rating NR
  • Running time 110
  • Genre Horror

Movie Times

Friday, March 24th
Friday, March 31st