Don’t Say Money: 12 Heist Films

In the spirit of our Michael Mannuary series, Frida writing team member Anthony McKelroy takes a look at 12 heist movies across film history.

Haven’t Seen: Heat

In this installment of Haven’t Seen, Frida writing team member Josh Green shares his initial impressions of Michael Mann’s Heat.

Return Again: The Directing Style of Bruce Lee

This Friday, January, 29th, in collaboration with Ghost Party, The Frida Cinema will be celebrating the Life of Bruce Lee with a Fiftieth Anniversary double-feature of two of his finest screen performances: Fists Of Fury (1971), and Bruce’s directorial debut The Way Of The Dragon (1972).

The Gothic Holiday of Batman Returns

Where do I even start? This is probably the only question one can ask when they have just watched Batman Returns for the first time only two hours ago, and it’s gradually becoming more difficult to imagine returning to the version of myself who had somehow spent 24 years unaware of the operatic, relentlessly Gothic, kink-laden masterwork that Tim Burton dove headfirst into creating.

The Top 15 Fathers You May Meet at the Movies

While the month of June and Father’s Day have been when we celebrate dads and their contributions to our lives with ties and tool sets and macaroni art, film has been celebrating fathers since its earliest beginnings. No matter what kind of dad you have, cinema has some time-honored tropes it uses to portray them. Check out the 15 fathers you’ll meet at the movies and their best representations.

All About Arnie

This month, The Frida Cinema celebrates THE quintessential action star, Arnold Schwarzenegger, who has brought us classic action, family, comedy.