Haven’t Seen: Aliens

Frida writing team member Josh Green discusses James Cameron’s action-packed 1986 blockbuster Aliens in anticipation of it playing next weekend.

Twenty Years Of Sparkle Motion with Jolene Purdy

Richard Kelly’s new millennium psychological thriller Donnie Darko (2001) celebrates its twentieth anniversary this year. We sat down with film and television actress Jolene Purdy about her iconic performance as Cherita Chen, and the enduring appeal of this daring film.

Neon Nightmares:
so beautiful and so dangerous

The Neon Demon

What makes neon so alluring? Is it the distinct glow it projects against the dark night sky? Its plentiful radiant colors? The way it evokes the bright technicolor allure of the future yet somehow also recalls the grungy aesthetics of the past?

Unspeakable Cinema: The 5 Most Lovecraftian Horror Films


It’s hard to believe that the first month of 2020 is already almost over, but we’re ending January at the Frida with a bang! Alongside Bong Joon-Ho’s monster hit Parasite, we’re presenting a weeklong run of Richard Stanley’s Color Out of Space! Starring Nicolas Cage, it’s looking to be his wildest movie since Mandy, which blew Frida guests away with its gritty story and kaleidoscopic color scheme when it played here a little over a year ago.

Hispanic Heritage in Film: Pioneering Actors

Names like Ramon Navarro, Lupe Vélez, Anthony Quinn, and Rita Hayworth were immortalized on Hollywood sidewalks. Along with these stars rose three multi-talented actors whose impact would heavily influence film and American pop culture.

10 Underappreciated Science Fiction Films

In that sentiment, I present some films that did not get the critical acclaim, awards, ticket sales they might have deserved upon release. Despite their stats, these are wholly good films that warrant their ungiven accolades.