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As the directorial debut of its star, Bill Paxton, Frailty is a fascinating take on a serial killer story, juggling questions of mental illness and the supernatural. We have our Volunteer of the Month, Darren Cassidy, to thank for bringing this overlooked horror-thriller of the early 2000s back to the big screen!

One dark night, Fenton Mieks (Matthew McConaughey) stumbles into an FBI office to confess that his brother Adam is the God’s Hand Killer. Fenton recalls the story of his idyllic childhood, interrupted when his otherwise stable father (Bill Paxton) received a visit from an angel to charge them with the mission to destroy demons on earth, who happen to look like ordinary people. Their father immediately enlists the help of his two young sons in his killing spree. What follows is a gut-wrenching story with many twists and turns that will have you reeling with disbelief. Memorable for polarizing audiences, Frailty is a movie with the rare quality of staying in your mind long after the credits have finished rolling.

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“The intricate plotting . . . reveals everything and yet, using the audiences preconceived notions, makes each fact a surprise and each fiction a shock.” — Andrea Chase, Killer Movie Reviews

“An intriguing film about an unsavory topic.” — Jean Lowerison, San Diego Metropolitan

“The movie thankfully doesn’t rely on cheap thrills and quick shocks to scare audience members.” — Andy Well,